Video-Podcast von den Bouncing Souls

Auch die Bouncing Souls haben die digitale Welt für sich entdeckt. Nicht nur für zukünftige Releases sondern auch in Form eines Video-Podcasts. Die Band dazu...

"Recently, it's occurred to us that the people we know, the places we go, and things we do can be pretty interesting. So before it all gets lost to our burnt-out memories, we've decided to capture some of it, in the form of a podcast TV show we can share with everyone.

We'll be making this up as we go along, but we have some rough ideas on how we'll structure the show. When Harley-Davidson hired the two of us as web-TV correspondents to cover bike rallies (Bike Week, Sturgis) some of it turned out kinda funny, so we'll be taking a couple of those same ideas, like the roving "man on the street" questioning/interviewing strangers, maybe some skits, who knows?" 

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