Anti-Flag über ihr neues Album

In einem Interview mit den Kollegen von The Punk Site sprach Sänger Justin Sane über das kommende Anti-Flag Album und verriet...

"We had ideas of things we wanted to do before we made the record and working with Tony Visconti we knew we were working with somebody who would know how to execute those ideas. We wanted to bring some new elements to punk rock. We brought in cello players, we brought in brass players, we brought in a lot of orchestral instruments - you know, timpani drums, and tubular bells. We even have a children's choir on the record made out of our families' nieces and nephews. It's a very personal record in general. We wanted to expand in new ways and include new people in what we were doing. We felt like Tony Visconti was somebody who had experience with trying to do those things and would be able to help us supervise. What we tried to do too though was play as many instruments as we possibly could. So rather than bringing in players from the symphony to bang on the timpani, we wanted to play them ourselves. Again, because we've never done that before, we thought it would be helpful to have somebody who has."