Thursday mit DVD

Thursday haben in ihrem MySpaceBlog bekannt gegeben, dass sie eine DVD via Victory Records veröffentlichen wollen. Hier der komplette Kommentar der Band...

"We have some exciting news!!!  We know that everyone is wondering what is next for us (New Label? New Record? Touring? Breaking up?).  We're proud to announce that we will be releasing a DVD/CD on our former label, Victory Records.  Surprise!  A lot of the footage from this DVD was taken during the time we spent on Victory and we thought it was appropriate to release it with them. On a more personal note, many of you know that our parting with Victory was bitter on both sides and we're taking this chance to put that behind us.  That label really helped us get to where we are and we helped them to establish themselves as well...  "coming full circle" and "making amends" are some of the phrases that we could throw around here but we think you get the picture already.  Tony's passion for this project and his continued support of the band after all these years has helped to make this an easy decision.

We're really looking forward to this release. The DVD will be a retrospective of our bands career so far (footage from the last nine years) with a ton of live stuff. Everyone always says we're much better live than on record-- now you can decide.  The CD will have several new tracks (!) and some alternate versions and demos of older songs.

Once the DVD and CD are complete, we will be starting work on a new album soon after and the home for that has yet to be determined."