Less Than Jake verlassen Warner

Drummer und Songwriter Vinnie bestätigte nun offiziell das Gerücht, dass sich Less Than Jake von Warner / Sire trennen werden...

"A few days ago it became "official" we left Sire and Warner bros to go it alone for the moment. A few months back we talked as a band and decided to ask Warner to release us from our contract and the one last record we owed them. It became obvious to me and everyone else that its time to move on and in a new direction as band.

So cue the comments from the .net and .org crowds "they made a shitty last record", "maybe they'll have more horns on the next record", "they haven't done anything good since pezcore anyways", "they should have played more ska", "maybe they'll find a label that promotes the record" I've heard it and read it all before when we left Capitol records way back when. Hell, I could go point by point and defend or agree with everyone of the above statements but its not the right time to do that. The time right now is to look at things with a fresh prespective, look to the future - remember your history - move on. It seems obvious but sometimes when you're reaching for the other shore you drown in the middle somewhere.

Thanks to everyone involved in the last few years, that gave their time, understanding and energy to less than jake."